Vibrational Medicine:

Dr Richard Gerber in his landmark text - Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy:

"The Newtonian model of medical thinking sees the human physiological and psychological behavior as dependent upon structural hardware of the brain and body. However, the Newtonian mechanistic viewpoint of life is only an approximation of reality. In a machine, the function of the whole can be predicted by the sum of its parts; however, in reality, the human body is not a sum of its individual components; there is the force that ‘animates.’ Once that force leaves the body, as in after death, the body organs slowly deteriorate. A modern and more recent perspective of the life force has involved looking at it as a vibration science based on Einstein's paradigm. This concept sees human beings as a network of complex energy fields that interface with physical and cellular systems. Vibrational Medicine uses specialized forms of energy to positively affect those energetic systems that may be out of balance due to diseased states”.

“Subtle energies are the foundation of the consideration of ethereal bodies, and not just the anatomical/physiological maps of what we consider in modern medicine. Ethereal bodies include maps and meridians of energy flow and chakra points. The lines of energy that can be mapped are called Nadis in Ayurveda and Qi energy lines in acupuncture. Over the decades, many forms of healing have looked at harnessing these subtle energies, such as homeopathy, reiki, reflexology, Yoga Therapy, acupuncture and Ayurveda. These are practiced today, and have a strong following of people that absolutely believe in these methods of healing”.

The above was published in 2001. In the last 20 years, this field has come to be known as alternative/complementary/energy medicine. It has quantum leapt, with new treatment types being continuously introduced. 

The above was published in 2001. In the last 20 years, this field has come to be known as alternative/complementary/energy medicine. It has quantum leapt, with new treatment types being continuously introduced. 

The offerings detailed below were developed over 15 years of practice and study of a wide range of subtle energy healing techniques.

Vibrational Medicine not only healed me, it changed my life and expanded my consciousness. I soon realised that Mentoring with discussions alone were not enough, they had to be accompanied by Vibrational Medicine for each session to be most effective.

I’ve noticed that when experienced regularly, this kind of energy work helps clients develop a more meditative, sensitive and aware state of mind where they are able to access their own connection to make grounded and informed decisions.

 - Helen Mosimann-Kogan

Energy Attunements (EAs)

EAs are incorporated into almost all the mentoring programs to develop your ‘silver thread’ connection to your intuition, your higher self, soul - whichever name you prefer.

In particular, the EAs accompany consult calls and the material you are provided during the programs for your ‘energetic integration’. This is so that you go beyond the linear mental acquisition and processing of information to full-body integration (we are so much more than what we reason!).  

During an EA your higher self acts as a tuning fork with your mind-body-spirit and makes the necessary adjustments to raise your frequency and awareness.

Even if you have resistance to being relaxed and still for an extended period of time see if you can develop this as a practice. Every effort you make makes a difference. 

You are  invited to surrender to the process and be willing to see your life from a higher perspective, to experience mental, emotional and spiritual upgrades/adjustments and develop the connection with the most authentic core of yourself.

EAs last 50 minutes and if experienced as an add-on to a consult or as part of a mentoring program, you are asked to send written feedback of your experience. 

Shamanic Sessions

Working across the many dimensional inputs that make up you!

There are so many cross-dimensional influences affecting us at any moment it's impossible to discuss them all, regardless of how many consults you had. These sessions allow us to penetrate and deep-clean those sticky situations that keep pulling you back like a rubber band. This is usually because they belong to another time/space reality. We can explore whatever you want! Specialised sessions are available for clients who wish to transform their fear of death (and therefore, life!) or who want assistance with the crossing over of loved ones (death doulah'ing).


Lasting 40-minutes, during which, while you are in a relaxed, meditative and open state you can receive/align to frequencies that are being transmitted to you to support your process.

Transmissions are an experience of receiving frequencies beyond your conscious awareness - they are like a light gift. Where EAs ask you to surrender to alignment with your higher self, transmissions ask simply for a state of ‘openness to receive’. Entering a trance or dream-like state or even falling asleep is common with transmissions. Transmissions are incorporated in Living the Chakras: Part Two They are not available separately.

Integrative Meditations (IMs)

IMs encourage the client to be present to the process of integrating new insights

Currently only available with Ariadne’s Thread, which is an advanced course and as such the responsibility for creating the IMs is placed with the client. The materials studied in this course are of varying frequencies and require time to assimilate, as the lower mind (thoughts, emotions and behaviours) adjusts to new ways of seeing the world.


Time's Up! Karmic clearing

These longer processes of clearings are deep, working at the level of ancestral karma and soul purpose. The clearing specifically assists with the completion of karmic contracts. They assist with ‘wiping the slate’ so that you can embark on new ventures free from limitations of the past - and past/parallel lives. Pyramidex can be likened to a drawn-out soul retrieval to help you become more of your authentic self, less encumbered by stories you are no longer in alignment with from your past. Described as 'drawn out' because the clearing unfolds over three weeks. This time allows for adjustments that need to take place in your physical life. You won't necessarily know at the start what these are, they will make themselves known to you as you go, to ensure that your physical world has caught up with where your consciousness now is.

Pyramidex Offerings

Alpha-Omega: 2 when mentored, completes with a Pyramidex session