One Pyramidex session lasts three weeks.

After a short discussion, the remainder of the booked session is spent in the energetic clearing and programming of your process ahead - you only need to be in meditation/relaxation.

Working with your chakra system, your higher-self/soul, guides, ancestors and the souls of all those connected to this transformation, the process is opened up for the three weeks that follow. Then, once a week we will exchange emails to see how you are doing and to provide any additional support or guidance.

The sessions can be likened to a gradual soul retrieval as you become more of your truest self less-encumbered by and entrenched in stories of the past. 

During this process, what can be likened to boulders of dense crystallisations are gradually dissolved.

To think about Pyramidex in terms of chakras, the soul chakra is beyond the 7 chakras of the lower/physical body. Using the classification system of Living the Chakras: Part Two, the soul chakra is number 11. This is a higher state of awareness that most of us are used to and many have never experienced it, at least not on a consistent basis. As you can imagine, you can’t jump straight to living with full soul awareness without the purification of the chakras that lead to this point and making adjustments along the way! 

This is why the clearing unfolds over three weeks.

  • Although today we prefer quick-fix 💨 to anything gradual 🙄…there are benefits to going through a process slowly.
  • You are present to your process, becoming aware of how changes within you are reflected and transform in others around you and your relationship with them. You keep getting to Know Thyself.
  • We have become so goal-focused and success orientated we have been skipping over the Know Thyself bit, and have placed less value on this life process than all the things we want to attract into our lives. And yet it’s from our ‘Thyself’ bit that we are attracting all that we are!
  • Going slowly gives you time to make adjustments. Who you want to be (freer than you are now), is not the same person as you are right now…and so becoming that future version of yourself takes gradual orienting to, for the changes to hold. 

Therefore, the three weeks of this process gives you time to make practical changes, as you feel compelled to, along the way. For example, you may find you want to review the About page on your website (or your entire website and how you present yourself in all areas of your life), fix things around the house, clear out clothes/items that you recognise keep you in your old story. Having said this ☝🏽, many of the changes won’t be this prescriptive, they will show up as part of the process and are likely areas of your life you didn’t realise needed attention at all.

You won’t be able to miss what you need to do. It will show up waving at you, or with a big red arrow pointing at it or even with a siren blaring. Know that you will know.


A Pyramidex session is booked as a two-hour session, although it's rare that it takes that long. We will start with a short-ish phone call of about 15-20 minutes. Then, similar to transmissions, you'll ‘be bathed in’ frequencies (light gifts!) to support your healing and clearing process over the next three weeks. 

From this session, every week we will exchange e-mail updates which will be an opportunity to let me know about your experiences, how you are doing - and as necessary for me to provide support and any additional guidance.

Pyramidex can be bought as a stand-alone three-week experience or as a package of three, for deeper topics.

If you purchase a package of three, these do not have to be used consecutively over nine-weeks, they can be spread out over the year from the date of purchase.

  • One Pyramidex is included in the conclusion of the mentored version of Alpha-Omega: Part Two.

  • One or a series of three can be particularly supportive upon completion of Living the Chakras: Part One and/or Part Two.


One Pyramidex

Three Pyramidex