About these Offerings

Just as we can only see 10% of the iceberg and the rest is unseen beneath the surface, so too if we only work with what we see of ourselves, we are only working with a limited fraction.

All of who we are extends into dimensions and realms far beyond what the eyes can see. For this reason, when you find that neither logic, reason or 'common sense' can answer your questions - it can be time to ask for help to see what you cannot see.

This is the basis of shamanic work, to travel to the other aspects of yourself for answers, information,  rebalancing and greater wholeness.

Here are the Shamanic Services Helen offers to support you with this.

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Meet Your Spirit Guides

"I was once told the greatest gift I could give any of my clients was the tools to make their own connection. This is something I aim to do in all the courses I offer through TWRR" - Helen.

These sessions are designed to bypass the mind’s need to understand and piece it all together as if we are alone in the world putting together a bumper cryptic-jigsaw!

They can be used:

  • To meet the benevolent guides - unseen spirits - that are working with you because you now are ready to be aware of them and want to connect and communicate with them more consciously 
  • To explore anything that is showing up mentally/emotionally/physically or spiritually that you would like resolution to
  • To understand why something is or isn’t in your life - find out what you can do about this and clear the path ahead freer of obstacles

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Healing Sessions
- Including Soul Retrieval

Whether you have a specific concern or you want a general check-up we will travel to your spirit guides to have an overview of the influences on your life at this time.

These sessions can be particularly supportive if you have come through an intensive/challenging period of transformation and would like support coming to full integration and completion with that chapter.

Soul Retrieval can be particularly helpful for any feeling of lostness, emptiness, pointlessness, or feeling torn/fractured/broken. People live in these states for years or decades without realising help is available and that life can be an enriching joyful experience.

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Death Doulah’ing/Psychopomp

Guidance through the realms beyond

Suitable for anyone who:

  • Has experienced a loss in their life that they are struggling to move on from.
    • Support/closure with the passing of a loved one, whether recent or in the distant past
  • Has a significant fear of death that is affecting their life-choices 
  • Wants to live more consciously by learning how to die more consciously
  • Is approaching their physical transition through terminal illness, old age or this is a subject that they dwell on frequently and have questions they want answering for greater peace




The sessions are 90-minutes long.

Upon purchase, you will receive the links to schedule the session. When you do, there will be a few questions to answer to help Helen prepare for the session. One of these will be which type of session you would like to have.

Please note that shamanic work takes time to integrate. The events and interactions you have in the days and weeks following the session will give you the opportunity to integrate the session in a deeper way.


One Shamanic Session

Three Shamanic Sessions