• What's the policy about recreational drug and alcohol use?

    Prolonged or regular use of recreational drugs inhibits i) a clear understanding and retention of information and ii) the efficacy of the energy work. Please note, even one-off use of alcohol around the time of energy sessions or calls can hamper the benefits. If this applies to you or if you have any questions about this, please discuss with your consultant prior to starting any session or program.

  • What takes place during a consultation?

    Primarily, we will discuss any pressing issues in your life at this time, areas of confusion where you require clarity and suggestions will be made as to steps you can take to change the direction of things so that you feel more aligned with your experience i.e. feel increasingly in charge of your life, rather than victim of it. The consultations provide you with different perspectives on what is happening and how you can work with the situation, understanding why it is happening and how it is assisting in your overall development. The consultant will work with their intuition (can be called psychic abilities e.g. clairvoyance/clairaudiance) and from their understanding and experience, to share insights and messages that can help broaden your understanding of the current themes you are exploring in your life - and often be able to connect them to the overall direction of your life path. Nothing takes place by accident nor in isolation - everything is connected - understanding this helps us gain a clearer perspective on why we are experiencing what we are, and why certain situations (especially ones that trigger negative emotions and beliefs) can repeat again and again.

  • What’s the difference between the different types of energy sessions - e.g. Energy Attunements (EAs), Transmissions and Pyramidex?

    Please see link to the Vibrational Medicine page in the footer

  • Why are the courses priced as they are?

    The courses are priced on a per-course basis as they vary in duration, content, degree of administration, what goes into their creation, the amount of interaction, feedback, and the level of the material.

  • How can I pay?

    Please ensure you have spoken with the consultant you want to work with before making payment. They will provide you with further details about the registration process and will advise you from there.

  • Is there anything else I need to be aware of before starting a course?

    When you start a mentoring program you will receive a Registration Form containing a link to the Client-Mentor Agreement which details the particulars of the obligations and responsibilties of both the Mentor and the Client for the duration of the program. You are invited to discuss any points of query on your first call before signing and returning the document.

  • Will I be notified when a new lesson is available?

    Alas, no this platform doesn't allow us to do this just yet. We recommend that when you review the course schedule you make note of when the new lessons are available and set up your own calendar reminders to check your course for new material. This platform will only send you a notification if a week has passed since new material was made available and you haven't accessed it.

  • What is an energy attunement (EA)?

    An EA works with your higher-self and your self across multi-dimensional planes, e.g. astral, past-lives, parallel lives, family/bloodlines, culture etc. as you need at the time. They are incorporated to develop your intuition, your connection with your higher self, soul - whichever label you use. The EAs support your development of a meditative and reflective state that, over time, can increasingly be integrated with your everyday awareness.

  • How do I prepare for a session?

    You may want to prepare yourself/the space before an energy attunement session – although not necessary, it can help you focus and bring an appropriate atmosphere to the room and your state of mind. Here are some suggestions: Write down your intention for the session Write down what you would like to release during the session(s) – this can symbolically be burned prior to the session if you wish Candles, incense, crystals can all be used if you feel they will be supportive Showering and wearing fresh clothes after a long day or after waking up Ensuring your environment is clean and tidy – e.g. the rubbish is taken out, dirty clothes put away

  • What takes place during a session?

    During the session a variety of things can take place: You may have monkey mind where your mind jumps all over the place, from what you are going to have for your next meal or an email you have to write. This is absolutely fine. Simply watch and allow this to take place. Often this can be an accelerated purge of many things that you have on your mind so that you can feel greater peace later – either within the session or after it You fall asleep. No problem at all. Although we’d suggest you don’t do an energy attunement just before bedtime as you may not be able to discern what is happening if you then fall asleep for the night - or, conversely, you may feel very alert after a session and so it can be hard to get to sleep. If you do fall asleep, this is completely OK you can recognise your conscious ‘awake’ mind needed to be out of the way for what was happening Visions, communications, symbols, emotional release (not dissimilar to the monkey mind being a mental release), sensations (tingling) within the body or at specific chakra points are all possible too Two-way communication can happen, where you have questions and see/hear the answers and/or guidance or direction You feel frustrated with the process, the music, external noise, restlessness in your body. See if you can be with whatever you are feeling and allow any frustrations, as this can be a release on a very subtle level of anger. This can dissipate through the session or you can watch the frustration and explore where it takes you None of the above and something completely different. The suggestion is always to remain open because we are all unique; be open for the experience to be whatever it needs to be, without expectation or judgement The only direction is that you relax and allow. You can draw your attention to your breath as you slip deeper into ‘allowing’. Know and allow whatever wants to take place to do so.

  • I didn’t feel anything during the session - how do I know its working?

    Please know that regardless of whether your consciousness registers something as having happened, something is happening. Having facilitated hundreds, if not thousands of these sessions over many years, changes, however subtle are taking place to support your overall process. If nothing happens it is not a problem and does not mean it’s not ‘working’ it can instead mean a number of different things: That you are not used to the meditative state, and rely more on information and proof – which is why this altered state can take some time to attune to. Beliefs or doubt regarding your intuition or the process (or this kind of work) can hijack the energy attunement in itself. This would bring to light questions as to why you have come to this work? It can also bring up beliefs that you are not aware that you have about intuition, spirituality, God –that it’s all bunk! – and so the experience can be a manifestation of these beliefs e.g. it’s all a fraud! If I can’t see it, I won’t believe it! Another thought that can prevent you seeing/feeling/thinking anything out of the ordinary is that at some level you are afraid to take this step, with this fear being of your success and your own greatness. This is also OK (and can take some time to unravel the layers before you clearly see how and why this fear is there) Even having no experience can be a useful insight into conditioned beliefs you weren’t aware that you have. There is nothing more right or wrong in whichever experience you have – just as with all of life. It all simply is and we notice what we notice. The energy attunements are a microcosm of experience where we can learn to practice this acceptance and take this into our everyday lives.

  • How will I feel after my session?

    Immediately after an energy attunement, you may want to sleep or conversely you may feel ‘charged’, wide awake and alert and perhaps still processing the experience/information. Sometimes you may only notice a difference in the days that follow a session when you are able to see things (your next steps) more clearly, your perspective on aspects of your life may gradually be changing and give you greater understanding or resolution, or even your whole life will be recalibrating - whether you are consciously aware of this and changes you need to make – or not. For those who have had experience of sacred plant ceremonies, the energy attunement can sometimes be very similar: a sense of the interconnectivity of all things, understanding of life lessons, family karma and, in general, a purging of what is no longer needed so that there can be an opening to new/higher frequencies. Usually and with all of the services provided by The White Rabbit Reveals, this will lead to greater self-understanding and self-love - humanity’s greatest lessons.

  • What do I do if the music link for the session is no longer available?

    It is possible that links to the music provided for an energy session no longer work - we apologise for that, we don't know when/why some tracks get removed. In this case, the sessions can be done in silence or with the music of your choosing. If you don't mind we'd appreciate you letting us know so that we can fix the link at the earliest opportunity.

  • What’s the benefit of doing three sessions over one?

    Three energy attunements allow us to go further with the process. Sometimes the themes we are working with are multi-layered and require extra energy sessions to clear the energy from your field. Sometimes individuals want to work with something that can be dealt with very easily and already starts transforming in the consultation. Other times, the themes are key subjects in the individual’s life path - this can take more sessions so that a better understanding is gained and more clearing is achieved. People tend to intuitively know how much work they are ready for or need. Some know that they are at a turning point in their lives and are ready to go deeper into self-exploration - even to the extent of doing a personal 6-month program. For others, some help is simply needed at a juncture to take the next step and then they are on their way. If you have any questions about what would be most beneficial for where you are at this time, this can be discussed either in the initial consultation or in the free 20-minute consultation that we offer.