Course Description

Working with your chakra system, your higher self/soul, guides, ancestors and the souls of all those connected to this transformation - in short, your hologram -  the process is opened up for the three weeks that follow. Then, once a week we will exchange emails to see how you are doing and to provide any additional support or guidance.

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Course Outline

Our three weeks starts with a phone session, and is followed by weekly email follow ups

  • A Pyramidex session is booked as a two-hour session, although we may. not need that long. We will start with a phone call. Then, similar to transmissions, you'll ‘be bathed in’ frequencies (light gifts!) to support your healing and clearing process over the next three weeks.

  • From this session, every week we will exchange e-mail updates which will be an opportunity to let me know about your experiences, how you are doing - and as necessary for me to provide support and any additional guidance.


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