Hello and Welcome!

I'm Helen Mosimann-Kogan, its creator.

At The White Rabbit Reveals we offer courses, mentoring, consults and a range of energy techniques to help you transform the funky stuff of life and enjoy the experience of getting to know yourself and how you can increasingly create and transform your life each day.

The funky stuff refers to, for example:

  • Your swinging moods, irritations and frustrations  that you don't understand
  • Being convinced that life or God or other people are all working against you
  • Feeling a victim of your past or past events
  • Relationship dynamics that never seem to change
  • Job prospects that are uninspiring 
  • Emotional triggers that have become unmanageable
  • Feelings of hopelessness and despair at this whole life thing that's going on
  • Fed up with being fed up with everything

Joining the dots sounds like small fry (pah! joining the dots so what? 🥱) but in fact, it helps you become aware of the bigger picture of your life and why things are happening the way they are, usually on repeat! 

You will understand where healing, rebalancing or transformation is required so that you can move beyond being a victim of your past, present or even your future - and become the empowered creator of all your experiences!

What does holographic consciousness mean?

Despite the graphics on our site, this concept, approach or awareness is an ancient one - (just like many others we work with. See my recent publication, The Little Book of Self-Enquiry: Ancient Keys for a Modern Age).

For example (and as you will have seen in our welcome video):

  •  It is fully encapsulated in the ancient 'magical' phrase, "I Am That I Am". See James Twyman's The Moses Code: The Most Powerful Manifestation Tool in the History of the World.

  • In the Indian Vedas, the Brahman - ultimate reality - is repeatedly defined as Atman, with formulas like: 
    • “tattwam asi”, "You (Brahman) are the same, as me
    • I am Brahman” (Aham Brahmasmi) 
    • "It is that" (Etadvai Tat)

  • The Huayan school of the Chinese Buddhist Philosophy doctrine states the idea of the identity of the world in four postulates:
    • Everything in One
    • One in Everything
    • Everything in Everything
    • One in One 

  • Further examples of the same principles can be found in the works of the Greeks and Christians and in the last century quantum physics has been joining up the very same dots! In particular, see the work of David Bohm.

At The White Rabbit Reveals, we will help you see how this perspective can help you in the 21st Century to understand and improve your dating experiences, relationships, health, finances, career, family life - and what pure joy feels like etc.  

We want you to be the master of your experience by giving you the tools and guidance  - the operating manual - for your consciousness and the magic it can create.

If you want to know more -

We have a menu in the header☝🏾taking you through our courses from entrance-level through to training. With additional background information in the footer👇🏾.

If you'd like a free 20-minute chat or a longer one-hour Potential Client call to discuss where would be best to start or any other questions you have you are welcome to schedule those.

I look forward to supporting your extraordinary transformation in any way I can.

Helen Mosimann-Kogan

(in no particular order) Founder of TWRR, author, wife, mentor, cat-mum, course-creator, BSc Neuroscience, a fractal of the bigger me while being the totality of the fractals of me, PhD Behavioural Neuropharmacology.

One-Off Consults

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Want to see what it's all about before committing to a longer program. Here you will find a range of one-off sessions, including single consults, intuitive readings and shamanic offerings. Each of these appointments will introduce you to The White Rabbit Reveals approach.


Getting Started

These are the courses we recommend starting with. On this page you will find out about Tarot for Transformation and Living the Chakra: 1, our two entry-level programs that can be taken independently or with mentoring. Here you will also find out about Open Course Mentoring - where there is no course material, only the consults.


You've got the foundations - what's next?

We have a large selection of next-level courses that run from 5-days to a couple of years.

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What we've got going on and coming up!

Many of our Beginner and Intermediate courses are available in a group format. All of these include regular group calls and shared email feedback. Many also include individual consults in the schedule.