About the Intermediate options

OK, great, so you are ready for more!

Although some of these courses can be taken without previous experience, we recommend having a few months of a TWRR programs first to get used to our approach so that you receive the upmost benefit from what these next-level courses offer.

If you are not sure you are welcome to arrange a call to discuss your options!

Alpha-Omega: Part Two

Experience the Goddesses of Radical Transformation

Resurrect your relationship to empowered feminine! Transcend the misconceptions and experience the connection, support and transformational power of 1) The Hindu Goddess, Kali 2) The Plant Teacher, Ayahuasca and 3) The Egyptian Goddess, Sekhmet

The Healing Spirits of the Four Directions

Evolve your hands-on energy work with the Medicine Wheel

Do you have training in hands-on energy work that you want to take to a new level? Develop your connection to your healing allies and learn how to use the Medicine Wheel to deliver a comprehensive five-part hands-on healing program to your clients. You'll need a volunteer to work with for this program!

Ancient Keys for a New Paradigm

The Norse Runes & The Chinese I Ching

Initially created as a whopping combo of both courses - which is still available as a two-year group program - you can now do one at a time. An ideal follow-on from Tarot for Transformation, the AKNP courses reach into cultures, philosophies and times of two starkly different civilisations and their perspectives of universality and multidimensionality.

Living the Chakras: Part Two

Bigger picture! Bigger questions!

Off we go again! Following the preparatory first part, you are now catapulted into entirely new terrain. Space/time, extraterrestrials, and the true nature of Spirit and Soul are just some of the themes you will explore as you head into the beyond and bring greater awareness and breadth of vision into your everyday life!

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