The Little Book of Self-Enquiry: Ancient Keys for a Modern Age

Bit by bit, many of us are realising that there's more to the whole 'know thyself' business than we first thought — it has the potential to change every aspect of our reality. At the same time there are a bewildering number of 'paths' to choose from, all offering different methods, means and maps to find the answers we seek to attain success or inner peace or the perfect life, and ideally all three!

Although concise, The Little Book of Self-Enquiry contains big messages about self-exploration at this pivotal time of bridging eras. Ancient wisdoms are available to aid us in our modern-day search for self-understanding — and they are offered here, with a specific focus on how the Tarot can be useful in this pursuit.  

We will also touch on the unique value of the Chakras, Runes, I Ching and Numerology, as structured frameworks to guide you through the nebulous dimensions of your mind. You will receive clear guidance for choosing tools to support your process, and will learn why, if you're asking the right questions, you can never get self-enquiry wrong.

Find out:

  • Why self-enquiry is becoming ever-more important in our lives
  • How we have arrived at a time where subjects once reserved for secret gatherings are now available everywhere
  • What’s the Six-Pronged Test to Identifying a Useful Self-Enquiry Tool
  • Why you should use ancient keys for self-enquiry
  • How the ancient wisdom keys of the Runes, Chakras, I Ching and Tarot can each be used to help you ‘hack’ the unknown and unseen parts of yourself – each in their own unique way
  • How something as simple as your birthday can reveal your purpose in this lifetime
  • Compare your ‘purpose with that of others in your life to develop greater empathy and compassion for the unique attributes we all have
  • How something even simpler than your birth date, the day you were born, reveals an entire map for your journey of personal development
  • What’s the end goal of all this self-enquiry business?!

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