About this course

Tarot for Transformation is the first course ever offered by TWRR, it introduces you to the worlds of symbols, both in the world and within your own psyche.

‘True teaching is not an accumulation of knowledge; it is an awakening of consciousness that goes through successive stages.’

—Ancient Egyptian quote

The major arcana depicts a journey of self-development, where the word arcana means ‘secrets’ or ‘mysteries’... 

The cards reveal the 'mysterious' patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour that are unique to us—for us to explore further.

For example: Why do I react to X Tarot card in this way? Oh, that’s because I believe X represents Y.… Hmm, that’s a strange thing to believe—it not only makes no sense, but this belief also makes my life complicated and causes me suffering! Why do I think my life needs to be complicated and that I need to suffer?

...This line of questioning is useful because, as is the nature of holographic consciousness, beliefs aren’t restricted to one area of our life—all of our thoughts are connected. So, if you find an unusual belief at work in one area of your life, believe it or not, you will find it (though it may take some searching) at work in others.

— The Little Book of Self-Enquiry: Ancient Keys for a Modern Age by Helen Mosimann-Kogan


The Tarot has been used as a means for self-exploration far longer than it has been used for divination. The Major Arcana guides you through a journey of profound transformation as you learn to communicate with your world in a new way. Designed to develop your intuition, bring greater awareness and understanding to symbols and their interpretation, recognise negative and/or limiting beliefs and make connections between events across your life.

You will be working with the Tarot's Major Arcana as a guide through twenty-two universal archetypes to assist you in seeing and communicating with the (your) world in a new way. 


Course Aims

  • To assist you in developing the awareness and interpretation of signs, symbols and holographic reflections. 
  • To develop a highly interdependent relationship with oneself, others, life and everything! 
  • A structured process for transforming limiting/negative beliefs – for the re-creation of one’s reality.

What you can Add On to the Independent Options:

Or go for the Fully Mentored Versions.

These include regular support throughout the course. Choose between our Consultants and the Fortnightly or Monthly options.

The FORTNIGHTLY option includes:

  1. All the course material 
  2. A consult call every two weeks
  3. One energy attunement on alternating weeks.

The MONTHLY option includes:

  1. All the course material
  2. A monthly call
  3. Three energy attunements
  4. Additional email exchange

In the next section, you will find out more about each of our consultants. To find out any further specifics feel free to contact the consultant you want to work with directly and have a FREE one-hour Potential Client call.

All the consultants listed here are annually reviewed and certified to deliver all of the Beginner programs.

Our Consultants

that mentor this course

Consultant Ardeena Scott

In both her personal journey and professional endeavours Ardeena seeks to explore and understand the soul-felt truth ‘as above so below, as within so without’, and how it applies within our everyday lives. Ardeena draws on her professional experiences in management, complementary therapies and educational research alongside her personal transformative experiences. From an early age, Ardeena was drawn to the mystical, and spent several years travelling, studying, working and volunteering in wellness and spiritual centres around the globe, including several TWRR journeys. These were formative years in her understanding the importance of integrating our spiritual and material worlds if we are to live a balanced and fulfilling life. As a mentor, Ardeena encourages inquiry, insight and transformation in everyday experiences and invites those she works with to create changes in their quality and direction in life; living their everyday extraordinarily. Please visit: www.ardeenascott.com

Founder, Author, Course Creator, Consultant Helen Mosimann-Kogan

On this website, through my books and in my work with clients, I help people understand how their consciousness works, how it's reflected in their lives and how the parts they don't like can be transformed. In addition to the courses I mentor, I also offer a variety of intuitive and channelled readings, energetic clearing and shamanic sessions. In my personal and professional experience, we are so multifaceted, that we need a multipronged approach to understand, transform and integrate the many aspects of ourselves. These additional offerings are particularly helpful in bypassing the rational mind and getting to the parts of ourselves we otherwise wouldn't reach! Further info can be found at www.helenmosimannkogan.com I look forward to supporting you along your journey in any way I can 😊.

Consultant Max Friedstein

As a consultant, Max strives to provide a loving and safe environment for clients to access their intuition and look beyond the illusion of separation. One of his greatest passions is guiding people as they look within, expand their awareness, and come to know their true nature: as powerful creators of reality. He enjoys witnessing the transformation within his clients as they begin to make sense of their lives on earth, draw meaning from their everyday experiences, and experience a greater sense of unity and connection with all of life. With time and practice, Max believes everyone can begin to see and work with the patterns hidden within themselves and their lives. He is also a Reiki Master with experience delivering in-person and long-distance energy work. For more info about Max and his work, please visit: www.maxfriedstein.com.

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Testimonials for Tarot for Transformation

...To know that you are held, supported and loved at every twist and turn, is the greatest of gifts

With the Tarot as a framework, it has become easier, clearer and more intuitive to identify and work with themes, patterns, signs and symbols within my every day. Now, with a broader perspective, I have a greater understanding and acceptance of the experiences I have. Not only that, but I also have the tools to make course-corrections within my life. One of the aspects that drew me to the program was to ¨hold the keys to my life in my hands¨. And much of what I was discovering of myself was how I had given my keys away. Having now come to the end, I find they are in my hands again...And I feel ready, more than ever, for the ride!Every aspect of the program has been given careful consideration and maintains a structured approach while allowing flexibility to change and adapt to meet the needs of both individuals and the group as a whole. I have found this acted as a model and influenced how I have viewed the details and actions in my own life, bringing more awareness and care to what I do, say and think. There were many opportunities within the program to put into practice and receive feedback regarding all that was being learnt through readings, energy attunements and group calls (in addition to day-to-day). I believe I now have a solid foundation for my professional development as well as and alongside my personal growth. Helen is authentic, tenacious, wise and has an unwavering trust in it ´all´; an incredible mentor, guide and role model to have on the journey. It was not always a comfortable or easy ride, and to know that you are held, supported and loved at every twist and turn, is the greatest of gifts. Thank you xx

The unexpected was always something to be expected during the coursework

Where to begin? I just completed Tarot for Transformation with Max. I can see now that meeting Max on his travels in South Africa some time ago was no accident. I have never had another person hold space for me in the way it was held during the coursework. With unconditional love and compassion. Without judgment. Up until I began the course, I don’t remember a time feeling that I wasn’t being judged in almost every relationship and interaction. I understand it now as just the opposite, that it was my own judgment I had to work through. The implications of working through this with Max can’t be understated. They have had and are continually unfolding to have an enormous impact on my life. I look back on the past year and reflect on how the meaning of the course has changed and evolved throughout. This is another testament to Max and his abilities as a guide/mentor. I am reminded of a short story I listened to about a teacher and his students. The analogy is a long hallway which represents the course, as you veer towards the left wall, a guide’s job is to bring you back to the middle. As you veer towards the right wall, the same is true. I think for me I spent a lot of time leaning on both left and right walls, Max was always there guiding me into the middle. The unexpected was always something to be expected during the coursework and I could never have predicted the things that came up and the things I would work through. It blows my mind to think of it now, and even more so when I think about the Iain at the start of the course and the Iain in this moment now. They are completely different people in a way, but I hold a huge amount of love and compassion for that past version of myself. I would not have been able to hold that love without Max’s help. Reflecting as I write this, I realize the biggest testament I can give to this work is that I want to do more, to go deeper. Max and I often spoke about this being a clearing up process, and I am humbled and grateful to be in the position to continue learning and

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