No course material for this one. Fortnightly calls are followed by fortnightly Energy Attunements (EAs) to help you integrate the discussions.

Have you had a one-off consult and would like to go further?
Or are you already ready for regular support?

Your options with Open Course mentoring is as follows:

  • Three-month mentoring:
    • Week 1: Consult call
    • Week 2: One or three EAs

  • Six-month mentoring:
    • As above 
    • Only in the fourth month, there will be no calls/contact, to give you the opportunity to see our discussions at work for yourself. For the last two months, you'll continue the same program as the first three.

Click the box below to view and purchase the different options with the consultant of your choice. More about each of them is below.

Our Consultants

Mentor, Guide, Breathwork Coach Ardeena Scott

Ardeena helps people to see the interconnectivity of patterns and events in their lives, inviting them to create changes through understanding, knowing and loving themselves deeply and integrating that connection into their everyday experiences. She lives life on the road as a ‘digital [holographic] nomad’, continuing to deepen and evolve her understanding of how integrating our spiritual and material worlds supports us to live balanced and fulfilling lives and create a world we love to live in. Please visit: www.ardeenascott.com

Consultant Max Friedstein

As a consultant, Max strives to provide a loving and safe environment for clients to access their intuition and look beyond the illusion of separation. One of his greatest passions is guiding people as they look within, expand their awareness, and come to know their true nature: as powerful creators of reality. He enjoys witnessing the transformation within his clients as they begin to make sense of their lives on earth, draw meaning from their everyday experiences, and experience a greater sense of unity and connection with all of life. With time and practice, Max believes everyone can begin to see and work with the patterns hidden within themselves and their lives. He is also a Reiki Master with experience delivering in-person and long-distance energy work. For more info about Max and his work, please visit: www.maxfriedstein.com.

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