About this course

The two Living the Chakras programs we offer provide you with insights, tools and a solid framework to navigate the changes we are all experiencing

Upon completion of Part One of this course, you may feel ready - or called - to go further; evolve and expand to the next levels.

In Part Two we develop our exploration and attunements regarding time/space; get ready to step out of the box of linear reality and see how much more there is to perceive with circular, spiral and quantum perspectives of time - simultaneously!

From here we step into a clearer connection with what has been termed Spirit (in its array of presentations), Soul, Planetary and Universal consciousness - towards the understanding and realisation of Unity consciousness. All is the Self and the Self is the All.

The Absolute.

Throughout this course, what is called the Earth Star chakra keeps us firmly anchored in 3D reality, in our bodies and on this planet to ensure we are fully grounded in our everyday lives.

The ‘evolution of consciousness is to become awake to the higher purpose of being here and living it in every moment; on this planet, in our bodies, with the other people in our lives and communities - grounded and connected.

This is to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, to see the big picture in the minutiae and interpret the messages and directions you left for yourself.

Living The Chakras: Part Two is an intermediate course that will stretch your perceptions, challenge your preferences and aversions, judgments and limiting beliefs - AND deliver you to extraordinary insights, make your reality more flexible and fascinating in every single moment, with every single breath. All the while keeping intact a solid sense of self, capable and ready for all that life has to deliver, and all that you came to co-create with it.

This course will ask for a re-commitment to yourself and understanding that the path ahead is about refining your awareness, which can only be accompanied by (ongoing) life-change.

This program is only available to those who have completed Living The Chakras: Part One and have taken the time to consider the commitment required for this second part. 


For the 11-month monthly option, the course is as outlined below.
For the 22-month bimonthly option, the material is spread over two months instead of one.

Week One - Prior to the monthly themes:


Month One:
Kundalini, Chakras and the Gunas: The principles

Month Two:
Earth Star Chakra (1)

Month Three:
Causal Chakra (Time/Space) 

Month Four:
Spirit Chakra

Month Five:
Soul Chakra

Month Six:
Earth Star Chakra (2)

Month Seven:
Stellar Gateway (1)

Month Eight:
Universal Consciousness (1)

Month Nine:
Stellar Gateway (2)

Month Ten:
Universal Consciousness (2)

Month Eleven:
Course conclusion and consolidation.
The same format as previous months

Please note the structure of the course differs slightly from Living the Chakras: Part One. 

Or go for the Fully Mentored Versions.

Helen is available to support you with the monthly and bimonthly options

The MONTHLY option includes:

  1. All the course material 
  2. A 2-hour consult call every month
  3. Update email exchanges, each month as well as email exchanges following your transmission and three energy attunements

The BIMONTHLY option includes:

  1. All the course material
  2. A 1-hour monthly call
  3. Update email exchanges, each month as well as email exchanges following your transmission and three energy attunements

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