An eight-part course including exercises and meditations

Alpha-Omega: Part Two takes you on a profound journey of resurrecting the empowered feminine.

Why is this resurrection happening now? (this is covered in far greater detail in Living the Chakras: Part Two, however for the purpose of this course…)

One way of explaining this (without going into 2012 and the procession of the equinox perspectives which are also valid) is that there is a greater infusion of feminine energies on the planet. From the perspective of numerology, we came through the 20th century where all the years started with 1XXX. Since the new millennia, they start with a 2XXX, and now we are in the third decade, they start with 202X. 

The 1 represents the ego identity of self, independence, and making one’s way in the world alone. It is the masculine, the mind, the doing it by oneself in isolation or in competition with others. Think industrial revolutions, war, capitalism, fascism, celebrity, fame etc. 

Then (quite innocently), along come a 2. Wooah! The 2 represents balance - and the change in how we relate, required to achieve that balance. It represents duality and also polarity. With 1, each coin was simply a coin and we thought to have lots of them was to be successful. Now there are two sides to the coin - cue paradigm shift - and absolutely everything is up for revision.

Reality is no longer about what we see on the surface (1), we have to look beneath the surface (2), which includes aspects of ourselves that we haven’t wanted to nor have known how to acknowledge, express and engage with. This includes our shadow and our woundings. Hence we have had the BLM and Me Too movements come to the fore of our attention. Reality consists of ALL of reality, not just the side of the coin that we prefer and present to others. With our awareness of both sides, there is a greater need for transformational work, as we heal, learn and metamorphose to bring all parts of ourselves into ever-more balance.

What beautifully accompanies this awakening is greater awareness of our sensitivities, what we feel, sense, intuit and imagine - all feminine attributes. The further into the process we go, so too more feminine energies want to balance with the here-to-dominant masculine energies. This catalyses expressions of the feminine that are stronger and more powerful than we've experienced before. 

However, emerging into a new paradigm means there are few role models of where we are heading because we’ve not been here before!

As mentioned above, 2 represents the other side, it also represents the realm of spirit, the unseen world to this world. Hence, today’s increased interest in connecting to spirit, channelling, divination and psychics etc. (once called the dark (?!) arts - go figure 🤔🙆🏻‍♀️. Now, there’s a great way to keep people disconnected, all thanks to the inquisition, which started around the 1100s 🤔). 

The above provides you with a general background to set the scene for the course and to explain why it was created. 

This course focuses on the three goddesses, Kali, Ayahuasca and Sekhmet, and includes general discussions about the Divine Feminine, Kundalini, Alchemy and the elements of the Radical Transformation process.

The course will develop your personal connection with each of the three goddesses, to experience their place in your life, how they work - and how they work specifically and intimately with you.

Exercises, energy attunements, transmissions and a Pyramidex program are all included to support you on this experiential journey.

The sixteen weeks cover the material in this order:

1.        Course Introduction

2.        Kali 1

3.        Kali 2

4.        Ayahuasca 1

5.        Ayahuasca 2

6.        Sekhmet 1

7.        Sekhmet 2

8.        Course Conclusion

“You are a livingness, a verb.
 What is arising in you, at this moment, is the great realization.”
- Christopher Zzen Loren



14 weeks of course material, mentoring and energy sessions + 3-week Pyramidex


  • A fortnightly 90-minute consult call 
  • Fortnightly energy sessions and email exchange to feedback 
  • Three 2-hour shamanic sessions that are spread across the program
  • A tail-end three week Pyramidex experience (taking the program up to 19 weeks). An energetic transformation experience to support the opening up of new directions following the course

Our Consultants

Creator of TWRR, Mentor, Shamanic Facilitator, Author, Neuroscience Ph.D. Helen Mosimann-Kogan

As a mentor to coaches, therapists, and leaders, Helen is dedicated to illuminating the intricacies of the holographic nature of consciousness and reality. Her teachings delve into the transformative power of understanding the multidimensional self, guiding clients to explore the depths of their soul psychology. This exploration encompasses purpose, personal, familial, and collective themes, as well as the intricacies of karma. Helen's approach empowers individuals to embrace a heightened awareness, facilitating a journey towards living increasingly enriching and fulfilling lives.