Course Outline

for The Two-Year Program

  • The course starts with an Introduction to the Tarot and its place in self-development

  • The start of each month: Receive material about the card of the month & the guidance for two energy attunements that bridge last month's theme with the upcoming month's theme

  • The middle of the month: Receive guidance for the third energy attunements, submit written feedback

  • Mid-month: Our 1:1 consult call

  • End of the month: Two, 2-hour group calls where you can share and how everyone has experienced the month's card

  • Upon completion you will receive the Numerology & The Tarot booklet by Helen Mosimann-Kogan

  • Course ends with a final call to review the course

In addition

and along the way:

  • Learn to host consults calls

  • Learn to facilitate long-distance energy work

  • First year online 'retreat': 5 consecutive days of Alpha-Omega: 1 (group calls of 2-3 hours with additional material, exercises and meditation)

  • Second year online 'retreat': 5 group calls as we work with the Healing Spirits of the Four Directions and you learn to facilitate hands-on energy work

About each of the three courses:

See the course page for a full description of Tarot for Transformation.


You will receive Alpha-Omega: 1 in the first year
The Healing Spirits of the Four Directions in the second year.

You will benefit from having some basic experience of delivering hands-on energy work,
 (e.g. Reiki 1 and/or 2) before the middle of the second year.

Find the detailed program here: TYP TFT 2023-24 Course Overview.pdf.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Letter

    2. Registration Form

    3. Booking our 1:1 Calls

    4. Booking our Group Calls

    5. Booking your Energy Attunements

    6. Booking in our online 'retreats' - additional courses

    7. Formal Introduction

    1. The Fool

    2. Things to notice

    1. Energy Attunement

    2. Things to notice

    1. Bridging The Fool to the Magician

    1. 1 The Magician

    2. Things to notice

    1. Energy Attunement

    2. Things to notice

About this course

  • $8,880.00
  • 104 lessons


This course is facilitated by Helen

Founder, Author, Course Creator, Consultant Helen Mosimann-Kogan

On this website, through my books and in my work with clients, I help people understand how their consciousness works, how it's reflected in their lives and how the parts they don't like can be transformed. In addition to the courses I mentor, I also offer a variety of intuitive and channelled readings, energetic clearing and shamanic sessions. In my personal and professional experience, we are so multifaceted, that we need a multipronged approach to understand, transform and integrate the many aspects of ourselves. These additional offerings are particularly helpful in bypassing the rational mind and getting to the parts of ourselves we otherwise wouldn't reach! Further info can be found at I look forward to supporting you along your journey in any way I can 😊.

Schedule a Potential Client call with Helen

A complimentary 1-hour call if you would like to know more.

Purchase Options

Includes all three courses including two 5-day retreats each year.

Additional costs for our annual retreats:

The first year - $444: Five consecutive days of 3-4 hour group calls and energy work to cover Alpha-Omega: 1

The second year - $789: International travel permitting, this five-day retreat will be in Switzerland to develop your hands-on energy work, as we cover The Healing Spirits of the Four Directions.  

Essential Reading

Also recommended is Why We Think The Way We Do And How To Change It by Thomas Garvey & Dr Helen Kogan