Course Outline

for Monthly Mentoring

  • The course starts with an Introduction and Background to the Chakras - and ends with a course review, we will have group calls to cover each

  • Week 1 of each Chakra month: Receive material about the Chakra of you'll be focussing on

  • Week 2: Access the Things to Try material, giving your practical tools and further information about the Chakra of the month. This is the week we will have our individual call and discuss how you are doing

  • Week 3: Receive guidance for three Energy Attunements to support your transformational process with this Chakra's themes - share and receive written feedback over the last two weeks of the month

  • The course ends with a bonus module: The Six Heart Virtues. A tool to assist you alongside and journey of personal transformation


    1. Welcome to this Group course

    2. The Registration Form

    3. Practicalities - How will it work?

    4. Book your Individual Calls

    5. Schedule your Energy Attunements

    6. Additional Contact Info.

    1. Introduction to The Rabbits Reveal Courses

    2. Introduction to Living the Chakras: 1

    3. Getting Going: A Brief Historical Introduction to the Chakras

    4. References for this Chapter

    1. The Basics

    2. Major Wounding: Fear

    3. Transforming the Wounding: Fear to Faith

    4. What to notice when working with the Root Chakra

    5. The Root Chakra - Purified and Transformed

    1. Yoga and the Root Chakra

    2. Three Yoga Asanas

    3. Colour, Texture and Taste - Food

    4. Healing Support from the Earth - Crystals

    5. References for this Section

    1. Preparation for your Energy Attunement

    2. Things to notice

    1. The Basics

    2. Major wounding: Guilt

    3. Transforming the wounding: Guilt as a feedback tool

    4. What to notice

    5. The Sacral Chakra - Purified and Transformed

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  • 104 lessons

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