A two-year program, transforming duality in creativity, leadership, education, communication - and all your relationships.

Prepare to unlock a new world assisted by the Nordic Runes and the Ancient Chinese I Ching.

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Course Description

In a couple of words - The Whopper!

In more words - This course is two courses in one. Starting with a monthly exploration of solely the Nordic Runes, until the 9th month when the I Ching element of the course merges during an integration month. Then, for the remaining 15 months the Runes and I Ching are explored alongside each other. This course design, of two merging into one, mirrors the primary aim of this course which is to bridge the polar aspects of yourself, and find your own unique middle way. Your new paradigm that you prefer to see mirrored in the world around you - and you will!

This is the ‘be the change you want to see in the world ‘ course. Connecting you to archetypes, symbols, myths and cultures from across time, that span the world, you will be taking a step at a time towards a new paradigm of integration, inclusivity and harmony while stepping away from an old paradigm of polarity (light/dark, good/bad, right/wrong, liberal/conservative, masculine/feminine etc), conflict and separation.

As with all TWRR courses, you will experience metamorphosis across all areas of your life, however, we will be focusing on the cornerstones of every society - leadership, education, creativity, and the glue that binds them; relationships and communication.

An explanation in advance for why the practicalities to follow may at first seem complicated. The material in this course invites you into higher states of awareness, broad far-reaching concepts, while you simultaneously plumb new depths of yourself. 

Woah! That all sounds far out!! 

Exactly so - it certainly is. 

This is why all of the more advanced courses that we offer at TWRR have practical and organisational aspects that take a bit more effort and management on your part. This is to ensure that you are integrating what you are learning in your life because you will be literally doing things in a new way for the course - which correlates to practical changes (significantly!) taking place in your life.

Rather than you simply consuming new information month after month, your interactive efforts to ‘keep up with the program’ (😁 - so to speak) is an energetic agreement to commit - yes to the course - although more importantly to yourself.


“Action is the language of physical reality” - Bashar


How it will work and what you will learn!

  • We ease into the course by focussing purely on the Runes for the first nine-months. After some background information we follow the schedule of exploring one Rune each month and what it has to share and transform with us

  • The transitional ninth-month starts with a comprehensive introduction to the I Ching - and from here to the end of the two-year courses, there will be two pairs of hexagrams to integrate with the monthly Rune

  • From the start of the course you will also be aware of a progression through the Chakras, with three-four months dedicated to each one, starting at the Root with the first Rune and ending with 'Beyond the seven Chakras' as you conclude the course. By which time your life will no longer be the same.

  • Learn or develop your ability to facilitate consults

  • Learn how to deliver long-distance energy sessions

  • Develop your connection with your guides as you learn how to facilitate hands-on healing sessions

On top of the material you will receive...

  • Group Calls

    Participate in two, 2-hour group calls each month to share and hear how the group have been experiencing the material

  • Individual Calls

    A monthly 90-minute personal consult to go into depth with your process

  • Two Annual Retreats

    In the first year we will focus on the Introduction to the I Ching. In the second year we will go through The Healing Spirits of the Four Directions to help you get started with facilitating hands-on energy work

Purchase Options

Including the two 5-day online retreats

This course requires substantial commitment, to discuss further please get directly in touch with Helen and/or schedule a potential client call.

Founder, Author, Course Creator, Consultant Helen Mosimann-Kogan

On this website, through my books and in my work with clients, I help people understand how their consciousness works, how it's reflected in their lives and how the parts they don't like can be transformed. In addition to the courses I mentor, I also offer a variety of intuitive and channelled readings, energetic clearing and shamanic sessions. In my personal and professional experience, we are so multifaceted, that we need a multipronged approach to understand, transform and integrate the many aspects of ourselves. These additional offerings are particularly helpful in bypassing the rational mind and getting to the parts of ourselves we otherwise wouldn't reach! Further info can be found at www.helenmosimannkogan.com I look forward to supporting you along your journey in any way I can 😊.